Smart retail gives beauty industry innovation vitality

At the just-concluded South China Beauty Expo 2020, there was an endless stream of people. Wanzhuo Company displayed its smart technology equipment such as prototypes and AR+ magic mirror, which added a lot of color to the entire Future Shop exhibition area, and attracted Internet celebrities such as live broadcasts to check in and visit the booth. Piping uses large-screen video to attract past customers, and through a good interactive experience with consumers, it not only brings real market research data, but also provides accurate and powerful decision support for merchants' marketing decisions and user analysis. AR+ magic makeup mirrors can be used in physical stores or e-commerce promotions, and virtual wear and makeup trials are implemented on the software. The non-contact sales scenarios and WYSIWYG experience promotion have technically solved the sales pain points of beauty and makeup that could not be seen in real time and easily. The open smart interface makes it easier to access major online shopping malls or other sales equipment. Fashionable and innovative products naturally attract countless live check-in and shop visits. Smart retail technology brings more internet celebrity economy and trend effect to customers in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

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